Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Buzz on "The Pregnancy Instruction Manual" by Sarah Jordan

I recently received a copy of The Pregnancy Manual: Essential Information, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice for Parents-to-Be by Sarah Jordan with David Ufberg, M.D.

In short, I would classify this as a Fun Read. It is a small, compact book chock full of useful information and is filled with quirky illustrations. The overall structure of the book is similar to that of an instruction manual, even down to the diagrams of various situations (e.g. an emergency delivery, packing the hospital bag, food cravings, and "signs of child delivery initialization".) My favorite diagrams were "Coitus Interruptus" and the hilarious comparison of "Real Baby vs. TV Baby".

While this could not be considered the "end all and be all" to one's books on pregnancy (it was certainly light on the breastfeeding information), I definitely recommend this as a fun read for a pregnant mom or dad. In particular, if you know someone who has a tendency to stress out or give in to paranoia, I would suggest this a gift to encourage some light-heartedness. Furthermore, an added benefit to this book is that it is very Dad Friendly and would make an excellent gift for a dad, too.

After all, pregnancy should be fun, too. Right? Right.

Note: Normally, I would offer this up as a giveaway, which I intend to do with most of the books I review here. However, in this case, I cannot offer it. I owe a commenter a nice gesture, so I am paying it forward.