Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Buzz on Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow

For the lawyer's personal pleasure: I was given this DVD for FREE to review and you can bet your sweet bippy, I will be keeping it at the end of my review period.

The Jim Henson Company/PBS series Dinosaur Train is a fun, educational program that capitalizes on young children's love of dinosaurs and trains, as well as their insatiable curiosity about the world around them. The four young dinosaurs of the Pteranodon family--one of whom is actually a Tyrannosaurus rex--love to explore the world via a prehistoric-time-traveling dinosaur train. From seeing snow at the North Pole for the first time, to unearthing million-year-old fossils, pondering whether huge trees grow from tiny seeds, tracking down a famous dinosaur singer, or seeking out the perfect big red flower for their mom, Don, Tiny, Shiny, and Buddy can always be counted on to ask important questions and seek the answers scientifically. Lucky for them, their parents and the Troodon train conductor are always more than willing to help them find the answers. The series features bright, animated dinosaurs and country-meets-rock songs that are immensely appealing to kids ages 3 to 6. But the best thing about the show is that it teaches kids some of the basics of scientific inquiry and process, like good observation skills and how to compare and contrast what they see; there's also some general information about the different types of dinosaurs. Interestingly, the DVD does not contain any of the live-action segments with paleontologist Dr. Scott Sampson that are usually shown between episodes on the televised program. Bonus DVD-ROM features include an interactive game, coloring pages, a dinosaur reference guide, and information for parents about the program and its characters. 

My Take? 
My kids really enjoyed this DVD and have already watched it more times than I'd care to admit.  Ahem.  Quite frankly,  it was not really a shock, since they love, love Dinosaur Train.  I asked my son which was his favorite episode from this DVD and he said that he liked the King Cryolophosaurus.  While I am sure the Elvis impersonation was lost upon him, I got a chuckle out of it as well.

While I would not want to own the entire library of Dinosaur Train, it is really nice to have this "special" one since it includes several holidays on it (including Mother's Day, Winter's Solstice and Halloween.)  A few months back, I won a giveaway for Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Under the Sea and while I don't have to write a review of it, I would like to go ahead and mention it here as well.  The Under the Sea DVD totally rocked!  It is really difficult to find many videos or even books that include the swimming reptiles, so that DVD really stands out as another one worth owning. 

Also, can I confess to totally grooving during the theme song?  Am I the only one?

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