Monday, October 19, 2009

The Buzz on Animal Planet's "Lions"

Recently, I received a copy of Animal Planet's Lions for reviewing.

Synopsis of Lions:
See the amazing story of A Lion Called Christian, experience the lion’s existence in the Serengeti in The Lion’s Share, learn about the magical golden king of the jungle in White Lions and see how lions are going “rogue” in Kruger National Park in Rogue Lions.  Witness the internet sensation Christian the Lion and his touching reunion with his former caretakers; journey into the heart of the Seregenti as drought threatens the survival of a close-knit pride; explore the regal realm of the majestic white lion; and venture into Kruger National Park where lions are changing their hunting behaviors and are slowly becoming more of a threat to humans.  First shown on Animal Planet, Lions provides a striking look at these stunning animals and their behaviors.

I really wanted to like this. Really.  It was about lions.  How cool is that?  Unfortunately, I could not view this DVD in its entirety - the storylines plodded along and the music was not very inspiring.  And while my own children are not sensitive to Food Chain Topics (e.g. graphic footage of lions mawing down on zebra meat did not bother my children in the least), other parents need to be aware there was some graphic footage in these DVDs for youngsters. And fortunately, my kids did not notice the S-E-X scenes since I am not ready to explain that particular life process just yet.

This DVD is definitely educational and does contain useful information regarding lions.  I would not recommend it for younger children, but it may be more appropriate for older children.  If you are interested in purchasing this DVD, it can be purchased on

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