Monday, October 19, 2009

The Buzz on Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs + Scrat Pack

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Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
In the  coolest Ice Age adventure yet, Manny and the herd discover a lost world of ferociously funny dinosaurs, including a cranky T. rex who’s got a score to settle with Sid! Meanwhile, Scrat goes nuts over the beautiful Scratte, but is she trying to win his heart – or steal his acorn?

The Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs Three-Disc Combo Pack (Blu-ray, DVD and a Digital Copy) provides hours of extra fun for the entire family including an Ice Age digital story book maker, commentary by director Carlos Saldanha, deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, two special Scrat shorts, a how-to-draw Scrat tutorial with the filmmakers and much more.  The Three-Disc set will be available for a suggested retail price of $39.99 U.S./$49.99 Canada. Additionally, the Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs standard DVD will be available for $29.98 U.S./$43.48 Canada.  The Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs “Scrat Pack” Double DVD Pack, another great value for moms and fun for kids, will also be available for a limited time only featuring an overload of special features focusing on the determined squirrel including three “Scrat” games exclusive to the disc.  The “Scrat Pack” will be available for a suggested retail price of $34.98 U.S./$45.98 Canada.

I have not seen the two previous Ice Age movies and hesitated to go see the 3rd one last summer while it was in the theatres.  I feared we would be lost just joining the franchise and had not hear too much about the previous two movies.  However, when asked to review this particular Ice Age, I was drawn in with the word "dinosaur". And we were not disappointed.

The animation in this Ice Age is of very good quality and admittedly, I am pretty snobbish about that.  I did appreciate how some of the action scenes were choreographed as if they had been "live-filmed" - during one of the chase scenes I loved the animated "mud" hitting the "camera lens".

The overall storyline is actually quite clever and the jokes are witty, we laughed from the beginning to the end.  The humor is a little on the crass side, so be aware if that is not your thing.  However, it is most certainly MY thing and to that end,  I am raising my own children to appreciate Crass With Class, as well.   If your children are sensitive to what I delicately refer to as Food Chain Topics, you may want to watch this first to gauge their reaction since the T-Rex is pretty menacing in parts.  My kids, ages 2 and 4,  were not bothered in the least by the T-Rex, but we are pretty frank about the fact that some dinosaurs are carnivores and this means they eat MEAT.

We viewed this DVD on several different TVs - plasma, LCD and regular tube.  I thought the quality was fine on all three devices.

Is the extra Scrat pack worth it?  I would say yes - I appreciate animated shorts if they are done well.  And yes, the three Scrat shorts included on the bonus pack are clever, witty and beautifully animated (my favorite was the "time machine" short - I could watch that one over and over - hilarious!)  As an animation buff, I also appreciated learning the behind-the-scenes information as to how they go about making the entire movie itself.  

In short, we really enjoyed this movie and even after having seen it over and over and over the past few weeks, we are STILL watching it and even I am still giggling during the same parts.  If your little ones enjoy dinosaurs, this should be on the top of your list for the holiday buying season - I can think of two little kids who will most certainly be getting Ice Age 1 and Ice Age 2 in their stockings this year.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, comes out October 27 on Amazon and will be on both Blu-ray and DVD!

Would you like to win a copy?? I have 5 copies for giving away! Between now and October 26th, Midnight CST, leave a comment, including your email address and tell me which is your favorite dinosaur.  Sorry, this is only open to US residents.

My favorite dinosaur? The triceratops! I just love those three horns.


Me said...

We've seen the other two Ice Age movies and they're fantastic as well. Glad to hear a good recommendation from the toughest animation critic I know!

My favorite dinosaur is the Brontosaurus mostly because I prefer dinosaurs that won't eat me.
(ps. I don't care if the name's been discontinued and we're supposed to use Apatosaurus now - they'll always be a Brontosaurus to me)

Mamma Sarah said...

Can I say the Wooly Mammath is my favorite? He's not the "typical" dinosaur, but I just love how HUGE they are, plus those HUGE tusks!

I hope I win (for the kids of course)! ;-D

Dee said...

My kids would love it if I won a copy of this! They love the Ice Age movies, but we didn't make it to see this one at the theatre. I've always been a T-Rex fan myself, but I have no idea why really.

SJ said...

Okay so my favorite Dinosaur is 'Dino' from the Flintstones...but I know that's not the answer you were looking for! Ha. I crack myself up.

If I had to pick, I'd say the Ultrasauros was my favorite.

My kids would absolutley love if we had this in our DVD collection. We are big fans of the whole Ice Age series!

lorib said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. We missed Ice Age 3 in the theater, but have the first two on DVD so it would be great to complete the set!
I've always liked the Stegosaurus -- just imagine the damage that could be done with that tail!

Ches said...

My favorite has always been the triceratops, ever since I was a little kid. I don't have a good reason, I just like them. Of course my son's favorite is the T-Rex, but I think that is the favorite of all little boys.

Rayne of Terror said...

Henry would really enjoy this. My favorite dinosaur is Littlefoot from Land before time :)

Devivo2006 at yahoo dot com

Brit said...

I haven't seen either of favorite dinosaur is my three year old "I'M A T-REX GRRRRR!" That totally counts right?

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Alright, full disclosure, I have no kids. But I want this movie. I loved the first two, and I'm so glad the third has lived up to the hype.

My favorite dinosaur is Petrie from LBT. Love him!

Marilyn (aka slackermama) said...

We've seen the other two films in the franchise (there's an exchange between the tiger and a baby in the first one that is still a favorite around these parts to this day) and enjoyed then and I would love to see the third!

I was always partial to the triceratops too. You're right, ti's the horns! (oh and have you seen the new show "Dinosaur Train" on PBS? HUGE HIT.) I think you know my email but just in case: marilynsp AT

mommyslat said...

We used to have a dog named Lucy that my husband said looked like Scrat from Ice Age. Let's see if that wins my kid a DVD.

Rhonda said...

BARNEY is my favorite! Just kidding. Call me nostalgic, but I am partial to the Brontosaurus. I think it is a shame there isn't a dinosaur named after the Brontes anymore. :( What's the new name? Anyone know?

Rhonda said...

Oh, NOW I see "Me" chose Brontosaurus too, and knew the new name "Apatosaurus". I'll try to remember that...

Christine said...

Triceratops. But Max has a big bucket of dinosaurs and there's this really spiky one I like to play with. No idea who he is, though.

jodifur said...

We saw this in the theater and Michael would love to own it!